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Comet64 Upgrade Prototype

Posted on September 2, 2011 in Category: Blog - 0 Comments

Comet64 Upgrade Prototype

Getting ready to show the new prototype for my Comet64 modification. This modification allows a stock Comet64 to be used with a new module, providing a microcontroller and Wi-fi capability. I have a working prototype and I will be showing it at ECCC in Chicago later this month.

In preparation for ECCC, I decided to write a little room chat bot for CommodoreServer using the Arduino microcontroller that I'll be adding on to the Comet64. His name is Ardie and he answers yes/no questions when asked with answers found in a magic 8-ball. This just goes to show that having a microcontroller on the Comet64 is a useful feature because it allows extra programming to be done outside of the Commodore 64, completely freeing it up from any overhead involved. Interestingly enough, I can plug this in and turn on my C64 without loading any C64 software (since the program runs in the Arduino). It was just a fun little exercise and proof-of-concept to see how a microcontroller could be used.

I've been thinking that it might be fun to put a game server on the Arduino and have it respond to game requests done through CommodoreServer's game rooms. Might be a fun project to tackle later.

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