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Name of Comet 2.0 Will Be Comet+

Posted on June 12, 2012 in Category: Blog - 0 Comments

Well I finally decided upon a name for the new Comet. Since the Comet64 is already known to be an Internet device, I thought it would be nice to keep the name, but distinguish it from the previous version due to its new feature set. Since the Comet+ does so much more, it made sense to call it Plus. Also, I figured I should remove 64 from the name to avoid confusion with people who think the Comet64 can only be used on a C64 (it can indeed be used on a C128, Vic-20, Plus/4 and C16).

One thing I wanted to make sure about was the ability to support all the AT commands for BBS servers. Modems use +++ as a way to draw attention to the modem for an upcoming AT command. I thought it might also be a neat tie-in to the BBS/Modem design to visually show the + character.

So I registered the domain name to be the official site of my Comet development.

Now to convert all my notes over to this blog... you won't see that progress because the whole site will already be here by the time you read this, hehe. Luckily, I've kept pretty good notes - much of this some of you have seen in my shared Google Docs documents, or other places, but now I have an official place for all of it.

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