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Proto 1 Board Changes

Posted on June 18, 2012 in Category: Blog - 0 Comments

Just a few board mistakes I discovered while soldering up the first prototype:

  • Forgot to put 5v to one of the chips
  • Incorrectly traced my output power in one spot (nothing critical)
  • Power switch holes too small
  • Reset switch holes too small
  • Need TX label on user port header
  • Power input/switch needs improvements
  • A trace on the ATMega is not grounded (but works anyway because it touches ground - but technically they are not connected in the CAD file)
  • Power LED was not grounded
  • Would be nice to have standard MK-II header for flashing the bootloader
  • Would be nice to have header to match the Sparkfun FTDI programmer to upload sketches from PC
  • Mounting hole collides with a trace and therefore grounds it (not critical for prototype)
  • GPIO trace too close to another pin

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