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Wi-fi Module Testing on the Prototype

Posted on June 26, 2012 in Category: Blog - 0 Comments

My first test was to solder the wi-fi module to the Comet board. That was a mistake since I couldn't get it communicating. So now I have a board that has a module stuck to it in who knows what kind of state? I guess I'll have to solder up my third prototype board - the first one has the MISO problem and a trace cut. This second one has a wi-fi module surface-mount soldered to it and it may or may not be causing other issues for other testing.

So I'll be soldering up Comet prototype #3. But how will I test it? I have an idea - maybe I can use the original Comet64 wi-fi upgrade prototype module (the one that plugs into the Comet64 where the Wiznet module rests). It basically extends the communication up from the female headers to the module above, so it really should work well.

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